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Guanming Shi

Scott helped us to buy our current home. We were first-time-buyers and were pretty nervous and uncertain about this "big event" in our life. Scott made it such a great experience. It was really a pleasure to work with someone like him with trustworthiness, expertise,  knowledge and efficiency. Six months ago, another big event in our life: my husband started his own business with a couple of partners. They needed to find a piece of commercial property to open a grocery store. Actually finding the target property was not an issue then. They spotted a building right away. At first they thought it was easy, just negotiating the price, then having someone inspect it, and then closing. However, it turned out that the building had a private well instead of city water. We were confused by what could happen with such things and thought that we should find a Realtor to help out. Scott's name came to my mind immediately. I was not sure whether he would do commercial property, which could be somewhat different from residential property. I contacted him, hoping that 1) he could do it; 2) if not, he could refer me to someone trustworthy and capable because I trusted him. Scott said YES. Indeed, I cannot tell how much we felt thankful that we made such a great decision to hire Scott to be our Realtor.That commercial property could have been, to some extent, a pitfall if we just proceeded the way we had planned to. I could not count how many people and how many different parties Scott had contacted to sort things out: City of Madison, Town of Middleton, Dane county, restaurant association, city planning, zoning committee... Scott did not sit there only taking action per request. He would go out and ask around and dig information out for us. It involved water issue, zoning issue, parking issue, and many more. We would never known about many of these issues if Scott did not point/sense/figure them out for us, and they could have become really troublesome later for the business. I can only say how lucky we that we had Scott there to help out!!!


Actually it was only till this Tuesday, six months later that our property transaction was done completely (in our opinion although the closing was done in Dec.). Without Scott's work in the first place, we could  not have gotten to where we are now. Thank you Scott, truly amazing.

Ryan and Kim Stanek

Scott provided us with great service from start to finish. Every time an issue arose, or we had a question, Scott acted immediately and always kept us advised and informed. He was fantastic to work with in every respect. We'd recommend Scott to anyone that was looking for an effective and economical way to sell their house.

Chad and Michelle Eschler

When it comes to real estate, only one name comes to mind, Scott Mistretta. Scott sold me my condo in after looking at several condos. One day, we walked though 19 condos because my parents came into town. Scott was so accommodating and easy going and really helped make my first purchase fun and exciting. Scott sold my husband's house after four short months in a downward economy. We were very pleased with the tips that Scott offered to sell the home as well as the sale amount. Scott went above and beyond the call of duty, especially when he installed a new bathroom sink prior to closing. Recently, we decided it was time to sell the condo. Scott sold our condo and helped us purchase our first home together. With the economy at its bottom and the many housing options available, Scott walked us through over 150 homes. Scott's patience and detemination to find us the perfect home is admirable. He's dedicated, sharp, and persistent. We really enjoy working with Scott and we know that he will always be upfront with us on any residence that we are planning to buy or sell. So, the next time that you are in need of a realtor, think Scott Mistretta.

Teena Ruehl

I have used Scott on three transactions over the past year. He has a boundless source of energy and drive along with much valued patience. I appreciate his willingness to go beyond during such a stressful time in my life. He was supportive and patient, as he understood the unusual circumstances. If it were not for Scott's creativity, I would be living in Minnesota with my father. Scott is a consummate professional and clearly loves what he does. He was like a part of family when it was all said and done. I look forward to recommending him to my friends, family, and colleagues.

Jason and Tonya Delborne

We have always considered ourselves “do-it-yourself-ers” and assumed that we would sell our Madison home FSBO. We knew, though, that we wanted our house listed on the MLS, and found Scott’s services to be a perfect match. Compared to other flat fee MLS brokers, he offered a great deal more – and to our surprise, we benefited from all of the ways that Scott went the extra mile for us. We held our own open houses, and Scott supported us with professional advice, open-house signs, and flyer designs. He also stuck with us during some very intense negotiations, conducted research on a problem that emerged during the inspection contingency, and gave us frank advice to help us adjust our expectations during the recent housing downturn. To our knowledge, ours was the only house that sold in our neighborhood during the time we listed with Scott, and we saved thousands in commissions. We highly recommend Scott’s services and appreciate his courage in disrupting the outdated practice of full commissions for listing agents. The internet has changed real estate, and Scott’s business model respects the new reality – providing expertise and support that sellers need without the 6% commission.

Fred Nieforth and Stephanie Pulsfus

In our pursuit of looking for a house we were torn on whether to use a Local Realtor in Waukesha County or use Netmore Realty as we did in Dane County for our previous home. We decided to go with Netmore Realty and Scott was able to successfully bridge the distance gap. Scott found us our new home in Dousman and sold our condo in Pewaukee all within our expectations and budgets. Even counties away Scott was able to seal the deal.

Matt and Tracy Moriarty

It was a pleasure working with Scott. Our transaction involved multiple counter offers and amendments, and Scott guided us through the entire process. Even in a slow market, our home sold quickly, and, using Net More Realty, we saved over $8000 in commissions!

Erica Eul

Hi Scott, I just wanted to say thank you for all you've done for us. We enjoyed going out with you and looking at places. We are SO excited about our condo. We spent last night talking about all the great things to look forward to - no more hoarding quarters so we can do laundry, we will have an actual mailbox to mail things from, HUGE kitchen for me to make a mess in, a dishwasher...the list goes on! I will definitely recommend you to others. Just remember that you're not totally off the hook yet. There are 2 major things you need to do yet: 1. Go over furnace and water softner maintenance with me and show me where my thermostat is. 2. You and Jenni will need to come over for drinks to celbrate after we move in. So don't think you're going to be rid of us that easily!! Thanks again. Have a good one!

George Tsiamis

Scott saved us a lot of money on commissions. Scott was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He was with us every step of the way by taking care of all negotiations and paperwork, and preparing us for a smooth closing. I would recommend Scott and Net More Realty to anyone who wants to retain more of their home’s equity while receiving top notch representation.

Bridget Bush

"Scott was incredible and ensured every detail was taken care of with the purchase of our new home and sale of the old one. We were also able to sell our house within two weeks thanks to him. We highly recommend working with Scott, whether you are looking to sell or buy, or both!"

Jenny Jackson

Scott was great. We looked at a lot of condos and Scott was very patient and helpful from beginning to end. He made the experience fun and stress free. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good Realtor.

Jason Jones

Scott, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in selling our condo and finding us a new home in an unexpectedly short time. It has really been a pleasure working with you. Also, thanks for the Fat Squirrels and apps last night. Cashton really enjoyed his goldfish!

Jay and Julie Sass

We have used Scott for 2 Real Estate transactions and have been very happy. We currently have our home listed with Scott. He is also helping us find a new home. Scott has always gone out of his way to be available for us.

Nathan Delmore

Scott has been my Realtor for the past 4 years. I have bought and sold 5 properties with him. Scott has been there every step of the way. His know-how, patience, and dedication will always make Scott and easy choice when I need a Realtor.

Mike Becker

Scott sold my house at a time when I was very busy. He guided me, smoothly, through the entire process. I recommended Scott to a friend who was having very little luck selling his home by himself. Scott listed and sold it within 2 weeks! I will continue to recommend Scott to all of my friends.

Don and Sue Reese

We have been very happy with Scott. He has sold two homes for us now, and we would recommend him to anyone in need of real estate services. His knowledge, patience and understanding have made our transactions a breeze. We would not have wanted to do any of this on our own. Thanks for everything Scott!

Dale and Betsy Jewell

The process and experience during our recent home purchase could not have been easier or more pleasant.

Wesley and Kim French

Scott was wonderful! We could not have done this without him. Thanks Scott!

Brenda Newman

It's been a pleasure working with Scott. He's been available to answer any questions I had or was quick to get answers for me. Scott sold my house himself and was very motivated to locate another home for us. I have enjoyed Scott as a Realtor and would highly recommend him.



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